The Team



Rob Miller, Owner

Rob Miller is a Washington-born videographer and music enthusiast. He's worked in a variety of industries, but his time in music coverage led him to believe in the power of art and community engagement. Based in Seattle currently, he has a distinct love for the Pacific Northwest, and wants to help empower the region with the events that people want.


Amelia Pinzón, Art Director

Amelia Pinzon is a self taught artist and burgeoning entrepreneur based in Seattle, Washington. Raised in both California and Washington, she has endless passion for the West Coast. With an innate love for music, the arts, and her community - she aspires to bring her ideas to a larger stage.

Gunnar 7.jpg

Gunnar Johnson, Development Coordinator

Gunnar Johnson is a Seattle, Washington market analyst and music fanatic. He has worked for the London Stock Exchange for a few years, and is now looking to make a positive impact with charitable fundraisers and memorable events that benefit artists, small businesses and our general community.  


Blake Bekken, Media Partner

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah but raised in Spokane, Washington, Blake Bekken works around the west. Keeping work here in the Evergreen state, and we are sure to see his return soon, he travels to festivals like Sasquatch, Pemberton, and Snowglobe as well as a variety of venues around the globe.


Kads Baker, Media Partner

Kads Baker is a Seattle-based photographer and videographer with a longtime background in event coverage. His love for the Pacific Northwest is clearly evident in all his surrealist work, and his passion for music drives him to create and connect more. His inspiring ideas and dedicated work ethic will bring a flood of schedule additions and polished marketing content.